John is an exceptional coach.  I was lucky to work with him at a pivotal time in my career when newly promoted and overseeing a significant portion of our organization.  He fully understood my challenges, included realigning my new team.  John skillfully guided me in setting a plan that leveraged my strengths and helped me work on blind spots, while facilitating communication with my manager to ensure alignment and clarity in expectations.  John asks well-targeted questions that allow space to reflect and determine the path forward.  I have so much gratitude for John for helping me enhance my leadership skills and self-confidence.  His coaching supported my ability to get up to speed in my new role quickly.  Thank you John!

Iconic Retail Brand

Regional Director of Stores

As a coach, John honed quickly into my biggest needs as a newly minted executive in a new company, which was to work more effectively in a highly complex and matrixed organization.  Our sessions carved out time to be much more thoughtful about my approach.  His direct feedback also helped me fully understand how my drive and impatience were actually slowing down progress where relationships, finesse, and influence were needed.  I’ve developed new perspective and new skills through my work with John that have already paid dividends!

Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

VP of Marketing

John is a strong executive coach as he effectively gains partnership with senior leaders to advance their impact.  A key reason we consistently call on John to work with our top talent is his ability to quickly earn our senior leaders trust through quickly and accurately understanding the strategic context of the role and goals his clients are driving toward.    He has a candid confident approach, ability, and a genuine passion to use his talent and seasoned background to assist his clients and their organization realize their full potential.   John is a go-to coach for us.

Fortune 200 Financial Services Firm

Executive Talent and Development Lead

Following a role change with responsibility to drive a new business strategy, I was struggling to gain traction and motivate my peers.
John got to the core issues quickly and helped me re-think not only my approach, but how to be a better leader and co-worker more broadly.
John’s perspective and suggestions greatly supported my efforts to step back and address some bad habits, allowing me to supercharge my success in a high intensity job.”
Global Private Markets Firm

Senior Investment Professional

What I appreciate most about my work with John is his thoughtful insight.  He took time to understand my perspective and motivations, some of which I had not clearly articulated to myself yet.  He also challenged me to consider my assumptions and actions more carefully, and look at alternative ways to handle any one leadership situation.  If I take one thing away from John’s coaching, it’s to be more thoughtful and versatile as a leader.”

Mid-sized Manufacturer

Head of Operations